Are Women Free to Make Noise in Labor on Maternity Wards?


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One of my blog posts from last year was published in The Huffington Post today. It’s one of my favorites, about women feeling free to use their voices in labor and birth.

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One thought on “Are Women Free to Make Noise in Labor on Maternity Wards?

  1. Nadej says:

    This was an interesting read. I’ve given birth in South County Hospital 3 years ago. Small place, cozy feel. Heard terrible things about W&I’s and Kent regarding precisely the stuff you mention, so… SC was very accomodating as far as epidurals (they offered, but did not push, even after 30 hours of active labor with at 5cm the whole time, no progress). But! They had to take cardiograms every 10 minutes, for which I had to be laying down. It’s like that part was non-negotiable, even though it never showed irregular beats. I spent most of that excruciating time laying down. After 2 days of wakefulness I had no strength to advocate for myself…even after months of mentally and emotionally prepping myself to do whatever the heck felt right in the delivery room. It’s very helping to have an advocate by your side.


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