About Camille Williams

Hi, I’m Camille, 40-something mom, wife, midwife, and writer. I’m the mother of two boys ages 11 and 7, and wife to my love of 18 years. Together, we are an East-West bicultural family (India-U.S).

In my work as a midwife, I passionately support women’s autonomy and the sacred nature of birth within the hospital setting, as well as providing prenatal and well woman gynecologic care. I love caring for women and babies in my community. On the home front, my kids recently returned to brick-and-mortar school after our 3-year stint as a homeschooling family, during which the parents learned at least as much as the kids!

I started this blog when I discovered that writing is also part of my life’s work. Here, you will find posts about parenting and homeschooling, midwifery and women’s health, life in a bicultural family and our India adventures, home stuff, self care, spiritual growth, social justice, politics, and a little music thrown in here and there. I write for fellow truth seekers doing their best to live fully and bravely in these challenging times. This is a place where we face it all head-on while being determined to see the beauty and feel the joy wherever we can find it, and hopefully keep our sense of humor intact.

You can also find my essays in The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and Parent.co. Join my email list to the left of this page and I’ll send you new posts, usually a few times a month.

So what’s the name about? I named this blog Wake Up, Mama! because

  1. I heard this most mornings for years. (They finally sleep later than me!)
  2. I am finally complying, for real now. I’m having a midlife awakening, which is way more fun (most of the time) than a midlife crisis. You can read more about that in my first post.
  3. Bonus reason–Statesboro Blues is one of my favorite EVER songs. The rest of the lyrics aren’t really applicable, but whatever. When the blog title came to me, I immediately heard it in my head, and that sealed the deal.

Welcome, and thanks for joining me!