About Camille

Hi, I’m Camille, 40-something mom, wife, midwife, and now blogger. I’m the mother of two boys and wife to my love of 21 years. Together, we are an East-West bicultural family (India-U.S).

I write about being a mom practicing conscious parenting (on the good days, anyway!), a wife in an intercultural/interracial marriage, a midwife committed to honoring pregnant and birthing people’s autonomy and the sacredness of birth (within a system that often fails to honor both), a human committed to spiritual growth and social justice (and exploring how the two are interrelated), a music lover, and a woman who uncovered a desire for creative expression in midlife.

I approach these topics with reverence, irreverence, or a little of both. Through it all, I’m a truth seeker trying hard to be useful to humanity while keeping my sanity and sense of humor intact in this beautiful, unjust, sacred and heartbreaking world.

My essays can also be found in The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and Parent.co.

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However you show up, welcome and thanks for reading. I hope to see you in the comments!