Saying Goodbye (and Hello Again!) to My Little Green Subaru


OK, so a car is kinda big to qualify as part of your decluttering efforts. But a beloved old car can be at the top of your list of old things that really need to go but can be so hard to part with!

I drove this thing for 13 years. It was 15 years old with 250,000+ miles on it when I finally replaced it with the minivan. It was the first car I owned that was expensive enough to need financing—all my previous cars were clunkers that I paid cash for. My interest rate was 17% because of stupid financial decisions made in my early 20’s and the consequences to my credit. I bought it because I was headed on the road for a travel nursing adventure and I needed something more reliable than my current shitbox. The second I saw it, I knew it was the one.  Continue reading